William Say & Co., Ltd is a family business that has been manufacturing metal packaging in central London since before WWII. Despite dramatic expansion, we remain in the Capital to this day, with both our production lines and press shop being situated within our 3 acre London site (near to London Bridge and Tower Bridge). We are able to offer short lead times, flexibility, bespoke print, embossing & stock holding to all our customers, no matter if your company requires a thousand, or over a million tin cans.

You will find a list of all our product lines as you travel down the site (or by using the links above). Many of these traditional packaging designs are suitable for a variety of different uses - from candle & cookie tins, to the more industrial applications, such as paints & polishes. Metal packaging is unique through the simple fact that it is infinitely recyclable, with no loss of material or performance - this is demonstrated by our Tinfinity diagram, and we hope your brand will help us to educate the consumer to this fact.

The William Say Team



Mr. William Say
Mr. Denis Wilkinson

EST. 1930, William Say & Co was originally situated in the centre of London underneath The Crooked Billet pub (visible in the photo below). Mr William Say was labelled 'Wit and Inventor of our time' by photographer Bill Brant and the image below is used in his exhibitions. With patent applications dating back pre 1930, William Say's first success came with the invention of a pressed metal closure which was used to seal the wooden tea chests as they passed through London docks in the city's then booming tea trade. Cans were a natural progression and with the partnership of Denis Wilkinson, William Say & Co quickly out-grew two consecutive freehold sites in Wapping, as it spread its wings.

After inheriting rights to the remaining shares from Mr Say, Denis Wilkinson then continued to push both P. Wilkinson Containers Ltd, and William Say & Co., Ltd. through further periods of dramatic expansion. William Say & Co., Ltd is now located just south of the River Thames and is still owned by the Wilkinson family. This once small partnership between two men is now a market leader, thanks to substantial recent investments in machinery and systems, but we have been careful to keep our traditional products and heritage. This is something that customers such as Farrow & Ball Paints, have valued through the decades.

The Crooked Billet
Mr. Say, Bill Brandt
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Unfortunately, it's a sad fact that metal packaging has fallen foul of the very misleading European focus on 'packaging weight' over the years. Thankfully metal is now starting to be recognised as being the greenest substrate in use, for both packaging and products alike. This message is now slowly filtering down to the real decision makers - the high street consumers. You will find the materials we use are listed on the Periodic Table and, as a result, unlike all other forms of packaging, metal is infinitely recyclable without any loss of material, quality or performance. The diagram below demonstrates how metals are never able to be lost or destroyed, only discovered, used, reused, or in the worst case, redistributed (where magnetism can later retrieve it). Please recycle your metals wherever possible.

The elements of Tin and Iron are both mined from the ground or, when recycled, are extracted using intense heat in the refinement stage of the process.
Metal is widely used across the globe for consumer packaging and products. You'll find it in your next car, washing machine or maybe just another can!
Metal is easy to cast or sheet, so it is an ideal material for most products and even our machines themselves - not just tin cans.
Even used paint cans can now be 100% and infinitely recycled. Metal packaging is the only substrate that truly offers a closed loop of sustainability.
Sadly through a lack of both infrastructure and education, metal still finds its way to landfill 50% of the time. Even here it can still be extracted and reused.


If you have any enquiries please don't hesitate to get in contact with us using the details below. Thank you.

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